Jan 13, 2021
Ms Nellie Wartoft, CEO and Founder of Tigerhall
Lifelong Learning - What It Means Today
Our Speaker is Ms Nellie Wartoft, CEO and Founder of Tigerhall, a mentor media platform that helps professionals - regardless of their backgrounds and circumstances - achieve their career and life goals by learning directly from Asia's most successful people. 
Ever since her younger days, Nellie had a keen interest in education and learning. At the age of 16, she set up her first business in Sweden providing senior citizens with a platform to enhance their digital literacy. When she was 18, Nellie moved to Singapore which she called home since then. Upon completing her university studies, she joined Michael Page International where she rose through the ranks to lead the sales and marketing recruitment practice in Singapore. Nellie founded Tigerhall after her four-year stint at Michael Page International.