Members from several Rotary clubs in Singapore including RC Singapore and visiting Rotarians from RC Colombo East joined the World Polio Day 2022 walk in Bay East Gardens Singapore in the morning of 24 October, 2022.

About 50 Rotarians, friends and family members gathered mostly wearing the EndPolioNow Red T-Shirts previously circulated by the Rotary District 3310 (D3310) organisers and fully equipped with Banners, Flags and Festoons with End Polio Now (EPN) slogans.
The day also marked the closing of Step Up To EndPolioNow walking challenge 2022 which had started by the District Governor Joanne Kam on 21 August, 2022 to engage Rotarians all over the D3310 to create awareness to eradicate Polio virus and raise funds, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle by active walking practices. DG Joanne informed the members that approx USD80,000 have been received till date as pledges and donations for Polio Plus and newly launched PolioPlus Society. She also announced that Rotarians who will contribute just USD100 to PolioPlus fund will be provided by EPN Pin during DG’s official visit to the Rotary Clubs this year.

All members were encouraged to continue to support EndPolio initiatives by more donations, pledges and creating awareness in the communities.

Members of the Rotary Club of Singapore are invited and encouraged to donate to the EndPolio fund of the Rotary International generously by clicking this link to Donate to End Polio (

For any assistance while making a donation, please feel free to contact TRF Director Rtn Adnan Anzari or the club secretariat.

To mark the World Polio day on 24 October, 2022, attendees walked from Bay East Garden visitors centre to the Marina Barrage, completely ignoring the slight drizzles and wet weather. It was full of excitement and enthusiasm from all attending members leading to great fellowship and an effective awareness campaign.