Congratulations to the Artisan of the Year Award 2022 winner – Mr. Victor Tan Wee Tar

Victor Tan is a sculptor who has earned himself acclaim in the art scene with his unusual and persistent choice of medium – wires. He employs a unique technique to create wire-based sculptures which investigate existential ideas about humanity, the isolation of human emotions in the moment, and through the passage of time and life.

Victor graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) from RMIT in 1998, but he has been experimenting with wire sculptures even earlier. His earliest pieces express a language or voice which he uses to work through his personal anxieties and traumas. They function as a form of therapy to release his inner fears and thoughts, through a language that words cannot express. He has persisted with his craft for over 20 years and is now highly sought after for private commissions of unique wire sculptures.

In 2003, Victor created a wire sculpture of a man holding a big bucket of clear water and pouring the water down to a child who is reaching out with a bowl to contain the water but allowing some of the water to continue to flow down to the earth. The big bucket depicts the richness and the abundance of wealth that can be derived from the simple knowledge of the 4-way test. This sculpture is still displayed at the Botanic Gardens and is a tribute to the Rotary Club's 4-way test.

Victor has completed work for numerous prestigious commissions. His works are now held in many corporate and private collections in the US, The Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico and Singapore. He was awarded The Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Award, which lead to a 6-month residency in London, where he staged his first solo exhibition in 2000. Numerous other exhibitions followed in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has also been commissioned to work on sculptures which now adorn the landscape of many famous locations such as the Singapore Botanical Gardens, Orchard Central and Sentosa.

Victor is visually impaired and he has always felt a keen desire to help those in need. Despite his busy schedule, Victor has worked with The Lighhouse School (Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped), teaching classes to inspire art-making by the visually impaired. He also holds classes for the public in conjunction with his exhibitions.

The Rotary Club of Singapore is proud to bestow the Artisan of the Year Award 2022 to Mr Victor Tan, and encourage Victor and other artisans to utilize their craft to benefit society.

More of his work can be seen at his website.

Artisan of the Year Award 2022 Committee & Judges
Rtn Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin
PP Perlita Tiro
Rtn Francesco De Liva
Rtn John Forster
Rtn Mathias Boegnar


The Artisan of the Year Award, instituted by the Rotary Club of Singapore in Rotary Year 2014-2015, recognises outstanding individuals who display extraordinary commitment and passion towards their vocation, maintain high ethical standards and use their vocation to serve society.

For this award, an Artisan refers to anyone who does skilled work and makes things with their hands to serve society (examples - carpenters, chefs, cobblers, jewel makers, potters, tailors, weavers, etc.)

Judging Criteria:
1. Commitment (Does their vocation to the best of their abilities)
2. Passion (Loves their vocation)
3. High Ethical Standard (Always practises fairness in their vocation)
4. Quality craftsmanship from Singapore (high level of workmanship using their hands)

Rotary year Name of Winner
2021/22 Mr Victor Tan Wee Tar
2020/21 Mr Steven Low Thia Kwang
2019/20 Mrs Wong Mah Jia Lan
2018/19 Mr Kim Whye Kee
2017/18 Mr Sin Jin How
2016/17 Mr Barry Yeow
2015/16 Ms Pearl Yang Yingsu
2014/15 Rtn Teresa “Terry” Maria Lobaton